This affordable smartwatch helps with your fitness goals

Published June 8, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Smartwatches are leading the way in wearable technology, and their popularity continues to grow: analysts predict that smartwatch sales will double in the next five years, and an estimated 71 million watches will be sold in 2018 alone. As products like the Apple Watch continue to add bells and whistles with new apps and features, their fitness-focused counterparts like Fitbit are losing ground. Consumers who want to focus solely on the health tracking aspects of wearable tech have to choose between app-heavy smartwatches or sporty fitness trackers that don’t mesh well with dressier attire. The Sinji Health & Fitness Smartwatch marries the elegant look of a classic wristwatch with the simplified features of an activity tracker.

Sinji’s smartwatch lets you focus on your health while retaining an elegant design. It has a pedometer, a distance tracker, and calories burned calculator to keep tabs on how much you’re moving during the day, as well as a heart rate and blood pressure monitor. The watch’s IP67 rating means that it’s fully protected from dust and can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, and it lasts up to five days on a single charge.

The Sinji Health & Fitness Smartwatch is a sleek, practical solution to your fitness tracker needs. You can pick it up for $54.99, a fraction of the cost of an Apple Watch or Fitbit.

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