Brett Kavanaugh; Kellyanne Conway (Getty/Saul Loeb/AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Kellyanne Conway says Senate judiciary hearing could prove that Ford and Kavanaugh are both "right"

Conway also hopes that Brett Kavanaugh "shows some righteous indignation today, because I know it's hard for him"

Rachel Leah
September 27, 2018 4:27PM (UTC)

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, spoke to "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning before testimony kicked off from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary Committee about one of the sexual misconduct allegations facing the Supreme Court nominee.

While Conway said that the hearings could prove that "they may both be right," the White House adviser continued to promote the theory that Ford might have experienced a sexual assault, as she claims, although by a different perpetrator. Kavanaugh has claimed that, not only did he not commit the sexual assault, but he was not in attendance at the party where the alleged attempted rape took place. However, since at least 2012, Ford claims, she has named the judge as her alleged assaulter.


Conway chose not to follow in the president's footsteps and victim-blame Kavanaugh's accusers, which have tallied to three as of this week. However, she called out Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee for what Conway described as "hyper-partisanship, haughty, hypocritical, hapless" behavior in the interest of "destroying a man." She alleged that Democrats are not actually outraged by the serious allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Kavanaugh, but rather because he is Trump's nominee and would solidify a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

"They've ruined a couple of lives here," Conway added. "I'd like to put all the senators under oath – not just the testifiers."

As for the Senate Republicans, the Trump staffer claimed to "Fox & Friends" that "they have gone over and above to accommodate Dr. Ford" who had "a laundry list of demands," Conway said. She added that, throughout the process, Kavanaugh has "been treated very unfairly."


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Regardless of the mounting allegations and how tainted Kavanaugh's reputation has become, the counselor declared unequivocally that "the president is standing by Judge Kavanaugh." However, Conway has continued to advocate for the hearing where both Ford and Kavanaugh can testify, saying "before that everything else is premature and is speculation."

Conway also said that, in the era of #MeToo, conversations among women in the Washington area are not just about the impact of alleged sexual violence on a victim but "about the implications this can have to all the boys and men in our lives."


Conway repeatedly called out the "mainstream media's" treatment of Kavanaugh and his family in the Fox interview, questioning how "they can live with themselves" knowing "the way they've treated a human being." (Meanwhile, Ford has received death threats.) "It’s terrible to try to shame and blame and name people merely because of whom is nominated to the Supreme Court," Conway continued.

The hearing is now underway, and Conway hopes that Kavanaugh "shows some righteous indignation today, because I know it's hard for him." "He is not a politician like the politicians he will be facing," she continued. "He is not a slick person on TV who knows how to play for the cameras. He’s a judge, and he’s a public servant."


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