NYT columnist claims Jared Kushner's has a "bigger ego than he has a resume"

Frank Bruni dissed Trump's son-in-law after CNN's Don Lemon asked whether Kushner should be in the administration

Published October 20, 2018 4:29PM (EDT)

Jared Kushner   (AP/Susan Walsh)
Jared Kushner (AP/Susan Walsh)

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The White House senior advisor married to Ivanka Trump was hilariously ridiculed on CNN Thursday for lacking experience necessary for his role in America’s government.

CNN anchor Don Lemon asked New York Times columnist Frank Bruni whether Jared Kushner should hold his current role in the Trump administration.

“Absolutely not,” Bruni answered. “Most of the things Jared Kushner has been tasked with in this administration — or he’s tasked himself to do — are things he has no experience with.”

“He’s got a bigger ego than he has a resume,” he continued. “Whether what he’s trying to do is not only save perhaps business interests and financial interests but whether he’s trying to kind of preserve his ego and salvage his reputation here because a lot of people are rightly looking at the enthusiasm he showed for the Saudi Arabian kingdom and for the Crown Prince and saying where did that come from and did it go too far and why was he so deep in?”

By Bob Brigham

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