Salon's reader comments of the week: "I've embraced my atheism"

Our community talks about losing faith, and finding hope

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Senior Writer

Published November 30, 2018 6:00PM (EST)

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Have you walked away from religion?

I was a methodist as a kid. I think I was a bit fanatic about religion as a kid. Eventually I started questioning it. As a young man I explored spiritualities. At one point I was slightly brainwashed in a program of independent study and eventually seeing that I broke out of it. I became agnostic and then one day I woke up with a great sense of freedom wondering what it was and realized I had lost all faith all belief in anything supernatural. I felt LIBERATED and scared. It was alien. I learned to deal with it. I embraced my atheism. Now I embrace a more compassionate HUMANISM. Yes much the same as atheism. I have learned we can be deeply feeling good people without any belief in a god or anything supernatural. — Scott Bruneau

Surrounded by foes, Emperor Trump moves to put himself above the law

We all pretty much know by now how the Trump experiment will end. The only question is how much blood will be spilled. I just hope history and justice don't gloss over the role the likes of Mitch McC have played in this. — Gene Schiappa

Mueller isn’t after Manafort; he’s after Trump

Mueller, like the rest of us, must have been watching all the developments of the past two years and how Trump is building his defenses through Judiciary, the Senate and part of the public. I really wish Mr.Truscott is right but it may also end up with just Manafort rotting in jail (and maybe get a pardon if and when Trump wins a second term). As for Trump, the best Mueller could do - and did - was to pass on the financial crimes to the State prosecutors to get on with it and go after Trump - and they certainly will. — sincerely yours

Sex workers say incel campaign to report them to IRS won’t work
Incels can buy sex (although reportedly they're awful clients to work with), but they really and truly believe that they should not have to. It is an incel claim that the government should regulate sex, and force attractive women to have sex with incels, because they are owed sex. (There is no corresponding claim that the government should force attractive men to have sex with women who are perceived as undesirable, partially because every incel secretly believes that they themselves are the pinnacle of manhood and they don't want to have sex with anybody who they don't view as attractive and partially because incels don't really think of women as human beings, so the idea that such a policy might be flipped genuinely does not occur to them.) The whole incel worldview is much more twisted and nasty than most people realize — and, incidentally, it's linked to PUA culture, not that that should surprise anybody at all. A lot of incels are apparently failed PUAs. — Guest Commenter

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a senior writer for Salon and author of "A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles."

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