Soothe your aching muscles with this percussion massager

The Professional Massager & Percussion TherapyGun pinpoints sore muscles for a deep, targeted massage

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Published January 31, 2019 6:30AM (EST)

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Tough workouts and long days sitting at the office have one thing in common: they both put a lot of stress on your muscles. Meeting your new fitness goals comes with a lot of soreness, while long hours in a desk chair contributes to stiffness and pain. Massages help loosen knots in your muscles for reduced pain and faster recovery. The Professional Massager & Percussion TherapyGun is a powerful device that relieves cramps and increases blood flow to your muscles.

This professional-grade massager combines frequency, amplitude, and torque for a home massage that leaves other personal massagers in the dust. The 40Hz vibration frequency works faster and more efficiently on stiff arms, legs, and backs, while the three different head options massage larger areas and target small pressure points for an individualized massage.

Increased battery efficiency, ergonomic design, and six operation speeds make this massager easy to use whenever you need it. It’s the perfect tool for reducing pain after long runs or weight training, but it’s also great for easing lower back pain or loosening arm muscles after a full day of desk work.

Usually, the Professional Massager & Percussion TherapyGun would set you back $599.99, but right now you can snag it for just $199.99 (66% off).


Professional Massager & Percussion TherapyGun - $199.99

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