How to learn a new language in 20 minutes a day

Rocket Language uses daily, 20-minute interactive audio lessons to help you learn a new language

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Published February 6, 2019 6:30AM (EST)

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Diving into a new language not only exposes you to a new culture and different people: it’s also good for your brain. Being bilingual helps your brain process all types of information more quickly, and it also staves off cognitive decline as you age. If you want to dive into a new language with fun lessons that help you converse like a native, Rocket Language will take you from beginner to intermediate fast.

Rocket Language offers an array of seven different languages, including German, Chinese, and Spanish. Its innovative training breaks down the building blocks of a new language into 20-minute interactive audio lessons. Additional instruction on grammar and the finer points of your foreign country’s culture give you the context you need to fully understand the language.

Proper pronunciation is crucial if you want native speakers to understand you, and Rocket’s state-of-the-art voice recognition system can tell if your pronunciation and syntax make sense. You’ll receive positive reinforcement when you say something correctly, or gently corrected if you miss the mark.

Usually, a one-year subscription to Rocket Language: Level 1 costs $149.95, but right now you can go from beginner to intermediate in one of seven languages for only $59.99 (59% off).


Rocket Spanish Language Learning: Level 1 - $59.99

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