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Aeon Timeline is a feature-packed program that wrangles documents, research, and deadlines into one timeline

Published March 14, 2019 10:30PM (EDT)

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Whether you’re working solo or managing a team, you need a reliable way to manage your research, files, and appointments. This is especially true for writers, who have to organize a lot of drafts and edits. It also rings true for legal practitioners, who deal with a lot of documents, and project managers, who have to enforce deadlines and wrangle teammates for meetings. There’s plenty of project management tools on the market, but Aeon Timeline 2 is specifically designed to help writers, legal practitioners, and project managers succeed.

Aeon Timeline 2 is the second generation of Aeon’s innovative Timeline software. It specializes in organizing and documenting time-related data. You can enter information like Events (plot points in a novel or known events in a legal case) as well as Entities and Relationships (like people, places or resources). All of this information is organized in a user-friendly timeline.

As your timeline grows in size and complexity, you can separate events into related groups. You can also calculate Dependencies, which show how events relate to one another. Dependencies allow you to ensure that project prerequisites are met, or they can help you tie together two events in your novel. Aeon Timeline 2 also lets you link to as many images and research documents as you need, so you’ll always have context for every step of your project.

Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac & Windows usually costs $50, but you can grab it now for only $19.99 (60% off).


Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac & Windows - $19.99

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