This knife set is perfect for your favorite home cook

This 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set contains some of the world’s sharpest knives for flawless dicing, slicing and more

Published March 24, 2019 2:30PM (EDT)

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With the skyrocketing popularity of cooking shows and millions of online videos and recipes for aspiring chefs, it’s never been a better time to flex your culinary muscles. Recreating a favorite dish at home takes patience, finesse, and the right tools for the job.

Dull, poorly balanced knives create ragged edges instead of clean slices, and if a knife isn’t sharp enough it’s easier for it to slide around while you’re cutting and injure you. The P600 Kitchen Knives are some of the toughest, sharpest knives around, and they make a perfect gift for new and old chefs alike.

These three ceramic knives are razor-sharp for the slimmest juliennes around. The zirconium ceramic is up to 10 times harder than regular steel, for faster, more precise cuts. They stay sharp longer than standard knives, so you can create your favorite meals every day of the week without stopping to sharpen them. They’re versatile enough to work with everything from tough root vegetables, to delicate fish, to juicy chunks of meat, and there are three size options for picking the most useful knife every time.

A set of the P600 Kitchen Knives normally costs $276, but right now you can get them for only $58. Use the coupon code MADNESS15 at checkout to enjoy another 15% off, for a sale price of $49.30.

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