Donald Trump tweets edited version of Joe Biden's video addressing allegations of unwanted touching

If Trump was trying to elevate the allegations against Biden, this could have been the least effective way to do it

By Cody Fenwick

Published April 4, 2019 2:57PM (EDT)


This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

Proving once again that he lacks the dignity, stature and common sense to be fit for his office, President Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter Thursday intended as a swipe at former Vice President Joe Biden — but only made himself look childish and absurd.

The video was an edited version of Biden’s address shared Wednesday responding to allegations that he has touched women inappropriately and made them uncomfortable. Trump’s version added images of Biden popping up in the background of the shot, in an apparent and ludicrous attempt to make him appear threatening.

It wasn’t even a good troll tweet — there was nothing clever or sophisticated about it. (Trump appears to have gotten it from a fan who often makes memes.) And while Biden appeared to be making a serious — if insufficient — attempt to address troubling allegations in good faith, Trump’s reaction to it only highlights the much more severe allegations against the president himself. Trump has even admitted to aggressively groping women’s genitals without their consent and leering at teenage beauty pageant contestants while they changed in a locker room.

Even if Trump were trying to elevate the allegations against Biden — a potential 2020 rival for the presidency — while somehow avoiding the accusations against him, this may have been the least effective way to do it. He only made clear, once again, that he doesn’t actually care at all about respecting the autonomy of women and will opportunistically engage in petty taunts on impulse.

See the tweet below:

Cody Fenwick

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