Fox News' Andrew Napolitano says Bill Barr may have committed felonies: "He has a problem"

"I don’t think he told a lie. But I think he probably misled the House of Representatives"

Published May 1, 2019 3:42PM (EDT)

 (Fox News/screengrab)
(Fox News/screengrab)

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Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on Wednesday said that Attorney General Bill Barr may have committed felonies by misleading Congress.

Barr testified in April that he was unaware of concerns from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team. The Washington Post revealed on Tuesday, however, that Barr had previously received a letter from Mueller outlining some concerns about Barr’s handling of the final report on Russian meddling.

Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee that his response was accurate because he was asked about Mueller’s team, not Mueller himself.

“Look, Bob Mueller is a member of his own team,” Napolitano said. “I think the attorney general was splitting hairs there. He has a problem in my view. I don’t think he told a lie. But I think he probably misled the House of Representatives.”

The legal analyst added that Barr’s response showed why Democrats in the House of Representatives wanted professional legal counsel to interview him.

“Because politicians don’t always know how to ask questions, and they don’t always know how to box in the answerer and prevent him from giving an answer that is not directly responsive,” Napolitano explained.

Speaking with host Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network, Napolitano also said that Barr could have committed a felony.

“You think Barr was lying?” Cavuto asked him.

“I think he misled,” Napolitano replied.

“Which is it?” Cavuto pressed.

“Well, they are both felonies,” he replied. “You can tell the truth and still be misleading to the Congress. That’s why it says it’s not just the truth, it’s the whole truth.”

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