Eric W. Dolan

Fox News correspondent destroys President Trump’s false claim about Hurricane Dorian’s path Eric W. Dolan
Trump supporter detained with knife outside El Paso migrant community center Eric W. Dolan
"Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade admits President Trump was "more salesman-y than factual" Eric W. Dolan
Ben Carson fires back at Katie Porter after "Oreo" gaffe — and insists she’s the one who is confused Eric W. Dolan
Fox News' Andrew Napolitano says Bill Barr may have committed felonies: "He has a problem" Eric W. Dolan
Fox News' Chris Wallace calls out Bill Barr for distorting Mueller’s letter Eric W. Dolan
William Barr is preparing to release Robert Mueller’s report as early as next week: report Eric W. Dolan
Fox News' Chris Wallace wrecks Donald Trump’s claims of a border crisis: "What national emergency?" Eric W. Dolan
"Not a laughing matter": In Omarosa tape, Trump jokes while discussing terrorists killing US troops Eric W. Dolan
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