New book Michael Wolff explores why president wasn't indicted: "Donald Trump spooked Robert Mueller"

The author reports that the special counsel prepared a draft indictment of Trump, but it was never issued

Published June 4, 2019 1:32PM (EDT)

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The author of the bestselling 2018 book "Fire and Fury" has published a sequel — that is also full of unflattering stories about President Donald Trump.

Wolff was interviewed by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell the night before the release of his new book "Siege: Trump under Fire."

The author reports that special counsel Robert Mueller had prepared a draft indictment of Trump that was never issued.

“I think Donald Trump spooked Robert Mueller,” Wolff suggested. “And Trump brags a lot about how long he’s been in — how many times he’s been in court. He’s basically been in litigation for 45 years.”

“You have him — just parenthetically — you have him on the phone one night with the Robert Kraft, the Patriots’ owner who has been accused in Florida on a prostitution charge — soliciting prostitution charge. You have him on phone giving him legal advice, saying to Robert Kraft, I’m better at this than the lawyers,” O’Donnell noted.

“Exactly and him saying to Robert Kraft you’re innocent even though they have tape of you being guilty, you’re innocent,” Wolff replied.

“So Trump has a view of himself as someone experienced enough in fighting with lawyers,” O’Donnell noted.

Wolff said Mueller likely concluded that Trump had the means to kill his investigation.

“As I said, these documents — you read them and you say, this investigation every day was on thin ice,” Wolff concluded.


By Bob Brigham

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