Trump's racist tweets are part of a coordinated 2020 strategy

Trump’s racist tweets are a coordinated strategy, according to his confidantes — and there’s more to come

Published July 18, 2019 6:30AM (EDT)

 (Getty/Alex Wong)
(Getty/Alex Wong)

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President Donald Trump’s racist tweets against a quarter of Democratic congresswomen are a coordinated strategy, according to his confidantes — and there’s more to come in the next year.

The president is knuckling down on a race-baiting strategy intended to drive older, white evangelical voters to the polls in 2020, and last weekend’s tweets are a preview of those efforts, reported Axios.

Trump knows those voters won’t abandon him, no matter what he does or says, but he wants to make them angrier and angrier at younger Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“He watches Fox News and knows AOC, in particular, is catnip to old, white voters, especially men,” the website reported. “She is young, Hispanic, female and a democratic socialist — a 4-for-4 grievance magnet. Last week, AOC got nearly as much online attention as all 2020 Democrats combined.”

Political scientist Carlos Algara found that, in 2018’s midterm elections, white Democrats with the highest levels of racial resentment were likely to vote for Republican candidates.

Trump believes Hispanic voters who went through the legal immigration process agree with his views, and he’s hoping to eke out a narrow re-election win by driving angry white and Hispanic voters to the polls with racist and inflammatory rhetoric.

The president has told aides he’s pleased with the Democratic reaction to his attacks on “the squad,” because he’s “marrying” the Democratic leadership to them — and he plans to do the same to the party’s nominee next year.

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