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Published September 24, 2019 9:00PM (EDT)

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Sleep doesn't come naturally to everyone. Whether you need a certain temperature, a certain pillow, or a certain someone, everyone has a unique recipe for a good night's sleep. If yours requires some sound consistency but you don't want to have a fan blowing on you all winter, check out the DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine.

This little machine fits on your bedside table and generates natural fan noise without blowing air directly on you. You can adjust the fan speed to find the right sound to support your sleep, and easily change it throughout the night if necessary. The easy adjustments allow you to find the perfect white noise pitch you need to relax, while a built-in timer lets you save energy if you only want it to run for an hour or two and then shut off once you're asleep. The machine also doubles as a night light so it's great for kids or as a guide when you have to make a late-night run to the bathroom.

Don't compromise on sleep! The DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine is on sale for 60% off $49.99 today at just $19.99.


DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine - $19.99

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