This tag helps you keep track of your pets at all times

Blanket ID Tags use cutting-edge technology to give you peace of mind.

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October 1, 2019 12:00PM (UTC)
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It goes without saying that your pet should have a collar and an ID tag whenever you leave the house. You never know when a squirrel might pique your dog's interest or your cat may decide to go check out the neighbor's house. But while you can put trust in the kindness of strangers to help you find a missing pet, there are infinitely more efficient, viable ways to ensure your pets never get lost in the first place. Blanket ID Tags use cutting-edge technology to give you peace of mind.

Each Blanket ID Tag contains a unique number for registration and starting from the time of activation, will provide you with a litany of special features to help keep your pet safe. A membership gives you missing pet email alerts, access to localized search parties, found GPS pet mapping, and even tools to quickly create lost pet posers. It's an entire security suite for your pet. Each purchase also supports the Blanket Fund for Animals, helping pets to find good homes.


Avoid the pain of a lost pet! A Blanket ID Tag, plus 11 years of membership to all the services it provides typically costs $43 but you can save 18% when you buy for $35 today.


Blanket ID Tag + Membership - $35

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