Ruth Bader Ginsburg deflates Trump’s call for impeachment process to cease: "He’s not a lawyer"

“He’s not law-trained,” the liberal justice justice appointed by President Clinton added at an event in New York

Published December 17, 2019 2:52PM (EST)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Getty/Jim Watson)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Getty/Jim Watson)

This article originally appeared on Raw Story

Speaking at an event in New York where she was awarded the Berggruen Institute Prize for Philosophy and Culture, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave her thoughts on President Trump’s assertion that the Democrats’ impeachment effort against him should cease, saying that he’s “not a lawyer.”

“He’s not law-trained,” she added. “But the truth is: The judiciary is a reactive institution. We don’t have a program. We don’t have an agenda. We react to what’s out there.”

Ginsburg also spoke about the growing assault on women’s reproductive rights, saying that poor women will be the ones hardest hit.

“One of the things that happened after Roe v. Wade is that women wanted to be able to control their own destiny. They won, so they retreated. And the other side geared up, and we have the situation that we have today,” she said. “[People should] care about it the way they did when many women didn’t have access, didn’t have the right to choose. It is so obvious that the only people restricted are poor women. One day, I think people will wake up to that reality.”

By Sky Palma