Oscar winner Michael Moore predicts Trump will tamper with 2020: "There will be no Nov. 3 election"

“I think he would have figured out a way, even without the coronavirus, but this is a gift to him"

By Travis Gettys
May 22, 2020 4:41PM (UTC)
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Donald Trump; MIchael Moore (AP/Salon)

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Michael Moore is growing concerned there won't be an election this year.

The documentary filmmaker famously predicted President Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election, but he's not quite as confident in his chances this time — assuming ballots are cast in November, reported Vanity Fair.


"There will be no Nov. 3 election if things keep going the way they're going right now," Moore told the magazine. "I think he would have figured out a way, even without the coronavirus, but this is a gift to him because I think he never really intended on leaving in the first place. He admires dictators, he admires strongmen — wishes he was one. I think the writing is on the wall right now that he is in deep electoral trouble."

The president doesn't have the authority to delay or cancel an election, but Joe Biden has warned that Trump might try — although Moore isn't certain voters will be deciding between the GOP incumbent and former vice president.

"This has been a crazy year, a crazy election year, a crazy year on so many levels," Moore said. "Anything you would have predicted back in December or January is out the window. The year we thought we were going to have on any level is out the window. So if it's all out the window, what else is out the window?"


"Nothing is lined up right this year," he added. "Just because [Biden's] got the most delegates and everybody's conceded, it doesn't mean he's going to be the nominee. They're not even going to have a real convention. Anything can happen."

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