"Morning Joe" hosts left speechless by "cranks and misfits" on parade during RNC

“Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020 Republican National Convention, wow”

Published August 26, 2020 5:18AM (EDT)

Morning Joe (MSNBC)
Morning Joe (MSNBC)

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was gobsmacked by the parade of "cranks and misfits" on display during the Republican National Convention's first night of programming.

The "Morning Joe" host opened Tuesday's broadcast with a comparison between an over-the-top speech from Kimberly Guilfoyle — a former Fox News broadcaster and Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend — and a similar speech given by "The Office" character Dwight Schrute.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020 Republican National Convention, wow," Scarborough began. "Good morning, it's — I just — you know, I just don't know where to go with what we all saw yesterday and what we saw last night. I was thinking back, people deeply offended in 1992 by Pat Buchanan's speech and, I mean, let me tell you something, that was [Winston] Churchill in the House of Commons in 1940 compared to everything we saw last night — a bizarre collection of alternative facts and alternative realities told by cranks and misfits that would never be allowed inside any convention before this."

"The couple that carried guns outside their house and pointing at Black Lives Matter protesters saying Joe Biden wants to abolish the suburbs," he continued. "You go down the whole list and, of course, Donald Trump — even had Donald Trump yesterday, even with his people begging him, stay on message, try to paint Joe Biden as a left-winger. Instead, he repeated his lie that Barack Obama spied on his campaign in 2016, something that has been disproven time and time again, and his own aides were so discouraged that he did it because he can't stay on script."

"But, you know, you had Don Jr. saying that the choice was between — this is very funny, actually — church, work and school, or rioting, looting and vandalism,' Scarborough added. "Yes, Don Jr. and Donald Trump is the paragon of church, work and school. You just go down the list. Even Nikki Haley, whatever she wants, I hope it's worth it for her."

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