Giada De Laurentiis' cinnamon rolls are cozy and inviting, especially fresh out of the oven

Having a go-to recipe for this nostalgic treat in your back pocket means you're always one step closer to comfort

By Manuela Lopez Restrepo
Published April 14, 2021 4:12AM (UTC)
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One of the coziest and most inviting foods on the planet is cinnamon rolls, especially when they're fresh out of the oven. Even though they're a cornerstone of brunch, cinnamon rolls are satisfying at absolutely any time of day. And having a go-to recipe for this nostalgic treat in your back pocket means you're always one step closer to comfort.

Of course, the queen of comfort, Giada De Laurentiis, has her own spin on this classic bake. On Instagram, she recently shared her recipe, which is inspired by Italy's Pane di Pasqua. Typically adorned with decorative eggs, this bread flavored with anise and orange is an Easter staple. Though this spring holiday comes only once a year, we prefer to indulge in Giada's citrusy and spice-filled pastries all year long. 


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Once you've cut your dough, grease a large baking dish with butter to prepare it for your pastry. In about half an hour, they'll double in size. Bake your rolls at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes until they're perfectly golden.

As always, allow your bake to cool before icing it. Making Giada's glaze is simple: All you have to do is whisk orange juice and powdered sugar until combined. We love to serve these rolls warm, and yes, they're acceptable for dinner. Full recipe here.


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