Bill Maher explores Republicans' obsession with "false flag operations"

"Whenever they do some f**ked up sh*t, it's always us dressed up as them"

By Bob Brigham
Published May 29, 2021 11:16AM (EDT)
"Real Time" on HBO host Bill Maher (HBO)
"Real Time" on HBO host Bill Maher (HBO)

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The host of HBO's "Real Time" on Friday blasted Republicans for their "false flag" claims that Democrats are secretly behind GOP bad behavior.

Comedian Bill Maher noted, "Senate Republicans have killed the bill to form an independent commission to look into the January 6th Capitol Hill riot. They say the whole thing is a thinly-veiled Democratic plot to get to the facts."

"Ted Cruz said, 'Yeah, if there had been any real danger, I would have been in Cancun,'" he said.

"So this is how f*cked up our country is, you know, because of the filibuster and the 60 thing..." he said.

"Why do Republicans even get a say in this? It's like letting the dog decide to look into who sh*t on the rug," Maher said.

He noted a poll showing three in four GOP voters think left-wing protesters were responsible for the insurrection.

"Republicans, they love this idea of the 'false flag' operation. You know, whenever they do some f*cked up sh*t, it's always us dressed up as them," he said. "I wonder if they try this at home with their wives? 'Honey, that was not me f*cking the babysitter, that was a Democrat dressed up as me f*cking the babysitter," he said.

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