Dan Bongino instructs followers to form right-wing safe spaces

The Fox News host is abandoning his self-professed lifelong mission of "owning the libs"

Published July 8, 2021 7:02PM (EDT)

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino (Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)
Conservative commentator Dan Bongino (Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)

Fox News host Dan Bongino, a thrice-failed Republican Congressional candidate-turned-right-wing media mogul, said Thursday that he's given up on his self-professed lifelong mission of "owning the libs," instead advocating for conservatives to create their very own safe spaces.

Bongino made the remarks during his daily podcast Thursday morning, calling for right-wingers of all stripes to flee "liberal cities" in order to form their own "freedom and liberty-loving enclaves."

"Listen, nothing is real anymore to leftists. Nothing. Spying, government spying, critical race theory, censorship. Nothing is real; it's all made up," Bongino said. "It's a figment of our imagination."

"Leftists, again, reality just kicks them in the cojones every day, so they just lie," he added. "We have to get away from these people. I know that might trouble some people listening to the show today; we have to get away from these people."

"We have to evacuate these liberal states and shrink the federal government to the point where we can live in our own freedom and liberty-loving enclaves."

Minutes later, Bongino lost his composure in the middle of a rant against liberals, calling them "thugs" and "sick people."

"Because they are leftist thugs, thugs, thugs, losers, thugs, zeros, that's what they [liberals] are. I despise these people. I don't want them anywhere near me," he stated.  

"Safe spaces," traditionally found on college campuses, are what the Oxford dictionary defines as an "environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm."

Notably, Bongino and his fellow Fox News pundits have long railed against the creation of safe spaces, often using the word "snowflakes" to describe advocates of the practice.

When asked about the apparent contradiction by Salon, Bongino did not respond to a request for comment.

You can watch the full "Get Away From The Libs As Quickly As You Can" clip below, via YouTube.

By Zachary Petrizzo

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