Lauren Boebert's "BS" argument against gun control: "When 9/11 happened, we didn't ban planes"

The owner of "Shooters Grill" gets called the "dumbest member of Congress" after Fox News interview

Published May 27, 2022 12:20PM (EDT)

Lauren Boebert poses for a portrait at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado on April 24, 2018 (EMILY KASK/AFP via Getty Images)
Lauren Boebert poses for a portrait at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado on April 24, 2018 (EMILY KASK/AFP via Getty Images)

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As America debates gun safety following another mass shooting, GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado was ridiculed for her public policy solutions to the problem.

During an interview with Fox News personality Sean Hannity, Boebert called former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-Texas, a "jerk" for confronting GOP Gov. Greg Abbott over Republicans' gun policies.

"When 9/11 happened, we didn't ban planes, we secured the cockpits," Boebert said.

Boebert, owner of "Shooters Grill" in Rifle, Colorado was quickly ridiculed for her policy perspective.

Mark Medici, the publisher of the "Express-News" in San Antonio, began his reaction with an "actually" and noted, "the tragic events of 9/11 created an entire branch of government called homeland security and swiftly revolutionized air travel safety (TSA) in the United States in the course of 30-days that the rest of the world adopted."

"There are so many things wrong with this, but I'll key in on this: airport security has gotten so much tighter since 9/11. I can't even wear shoes going through security anymore. When a few planes killed a bunch of people we made air travel safer. Why can't we do that with guns?" asked "CBS Sports" NBA reporter Sam Quinn.

"I say this with all the disrespect," began "Atlantic" contributing writer and podcast host Jemele Hill. Boebert "is the dumbest person in Congress. She makes [Margie Taylor Greene] and Tommy Tuberville look like Rhodes Scholars."

Sports reporter Fallon Marie Christopher replied to Hill.

"The sad part is, she really believes in the BS she's saying. You can't fix stupid," she wrote.

"Dumbness is a feature, not a bug," argued "Golf Digest" writer Matthew Rudy.

Writer Tom Nichols, a colleague of Hill's at the Atlantic, disagreed with her declaration that Boebert is the dumbest member of Congress.

"The competition for the stupidest member of Congress is always tight, and [Boebert] has made a bold move here, but [Margie Taylor Greene] is still kookier," he argued.

Justin Baragona, media reporter for "The Daily Beast", marveled at the conversation Boerbert had inspired.

"She truly owned the libs this time," he joked.


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