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After years of using and testing the entire lineup, these are my favorite Fellow products

By Shane Roberts

Commerce Contributor

Published August 29, 2022 1:15PM (EDT)

The best fellow coffee products (courtesy of Fellow)
The best fellow coffee products (courtesy of Fellow)

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Since its first crowdfunding campaign in 2013, Fellow has taken the coffee world by storm. With each successive product launch, it has consistently delivered a new best-in-class entry for coffee enthusiasts to get hyped about, while also making great coffee more approachable for the average drinker. Beyond the Carter Move Mugs, which I recently wrote about, these are my favorite Fellow products from years of using and testing the entire lineup.

Fellow is perhaps best known for its Stagg kettle. While the control a gooseneck brings is indispensable for pourover coffee, it's also typically one of the ugliest appliances in a kitchen. Stagg's EKG, on the other hand, is a work of art with an intuitive one-button operation that you'll be proud to display. Temperature is controllable to the degree and heating is fast. It comes in pink, there are optional wooden handles and there may or may not be a video game built into the LCD display. From $165.

(courtesy of Fellow)

Meet the electric pour-over kettle for coffee-lovers.

With variable temperature control, 1200 watts for a quick heat time and a world of features for ultimate control, this is the pour-over kettle perfected.

BUY FOR $165

Are Fellow's Stagg Tasting Glasses the most fragile glassware I've ever tested? Absolutely. Do I keep buying more when I break them? Absolutely.

The Stagg glasses were the first Fellow product I owned, and while I certainly don't have my originals anymore, I've never found a double-walled glass I enjoyed drinking out of half as much as these. Their size in the hand is just right, and the lip is perfect. I also can't argue with Fellow — the shape makes the coffee taste better. $40/pair.

(courtesy of Fellow)

Great coffee has finally met its glass.

These glasses feature a flared lip that delivers coffee to your entire palate, allowing you to taste the full spectrum of flavors.


It was inevitable and highly anticipated that Fellow would eventually try its hand at a coffee grinder. The Ode, its minimalist, quiet, extremely usable take is award winning — and my new daily driver. Thoughtful touches, like a magnetic grind catcher, automatic stop and a knock switch, make the Ode fun to use and easy to clean, while the flat burrs and focus on brewed coffee make for an incredible cup. It's not the tidiest grinder I've ever used, but it's the best for brewed coffee. From $300.

Fellow's Atmos Vacuum Canisters are by no means just for coffee, but a good vacuum-sealed vessel is crucial in keeping your beans fresh until grinding. The Atmos is available in clear and opaque options, as well as in multiple colorways. A few twists every few days will keep the contents as oxygen-free as possible, so you don't lose out on flavor later. From $30.

(courtesy of Fellow)
Keep coffee fresher for longer.
This airtight coffee canister features a simple twist mechanism to remove air and prevent oxidation, which means your coffee — or snacks, sweets and "herbs" — lasts up to 50% longer.


Of course, you can't have great coffee without . . . great coffee. Fellow's text-based no-commitment shopping model has become my favorite way to restock fresh beans. Roughly weekly, Fellow will send out a text with the latest coffee offering, and you simply reply with the number of bags you want. Fellow provides a wealth of information about the coffee, along with brewing recommendations. Occasionally, limited promotions will include bundles with travel mugs and other goods. The roasters are the best of the best, including my all-time favorite, Onyx, and pricing is typically around $20/bag.

(courtesy of Fellow)
Yes, weekly coffee offerings by text message.
A rotation of Fellow's latest coffee obsessions, updated seasonally and whenever a new roast wows them.


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By Shane Roberts

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