"He got his name wrong on the cognitive test!": Jon Stewart mocks Trump after Biden attack backfires

Trump is "tripping over his own d**k any time he tries to capitalize on Biden’s age," Stewart joked

By Nardos Haile

Staff Writer

Published June 18, 2024 10:49AM (EDT)

The Daily Show with John Stewart (Comedy Central)
The Daily Show with John Stewart (Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart flamed Donald Trump and President Joe Biden on how their age and public gaffes affect their larger campaigns for the 2024 election during Monday's episode of "The Daily Show."

The comedian, who received criticism from liberals earlier this year for criticizing Biden's age and cognitive health, continued to mock Biden and Trump for their numerous public errors. The episode kicked off with Stewart stating, "The election is basically boiled down to each candidate accusing the other of having soup where there should be brain!"

Stewart joked about Biden's appearance at the G7 summit last week, stating Biden's “habit of seemingly staring at what can only be considered ghosts or out-of-frame paratroopers.” In a clip, the 81-year-old president veered off away to the side of world leaders during a photo. He was then guided back by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

When Meloni pulled the president back into the frame, he's "somehow giving the impression someone has quantum-leaped into his body," Stewart quipped. When Biden put his sunglasses back on in the clip, Stewart mocked his expression. "No, don't look directly into the sun, sir," Stewart said.

As for Trump, "it's basically Trump tripping over his own d**k any time he tries to capitalize on Biden’s age." There have been countless critiques about Trump's cognitive health as he has publicly mistaken names, cities and facts on the campaign trail.

The comedian highlighted that Trump was at the Turning Point USA convention this weekend when he made another public blunder. "Trump articulated his case for having best brainful neutrons smart."

The show played a clip of the former president at the convention saying, "Joe Biden has no plan. He's got absolutely no plan. He doesn't even know what the word inflation means."

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"You tell 'em Donny T!" Stewart quipped. "The case he's making to the American public is that he's the sharpest tool in the shed. See if you can find the flaw in his logic just one sentence later."

At the convention, Trump continued to question Biden's mental fitness. "I think he should take a cognitive test like I did. I took a cognitive test and I aced it. Doc Ronny Johnson — does everyone know Ronny Johnson, the congressman from Texas?"

“Acing that cognitive test is a great point,” Stewart said, “if only his doctor was actually named Ronny Johnson, and not actually named Ronny Jackson. He got his name wrong on the cognitive test!"

Stewart concluded that “The sad thing is, under MAGA law, his name is now Ronny Johnson. This is the way.”

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By Nardos Haile

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