Cup Noodles head-turning new flavor is inspired by a classic summer dessert

Heading to a campfire? Pick up the new limited flavor of Cup Noodles beforehand and you'll be all set

By Michael La Corte

Deputy Food Editor

Published July 5, 2024 12:01PM (EDT)

Cup Noodles (Getty Images/Yuto photographer)
Cup Noodles (Getty Images/Yuto photographer)

Cup Noodles's latest limited edition flavor is — s'mores,  making it the first "dessert option" from the company known for its cheap and simple ramen soups.

No, don't scroll up and check again, I assure you that you read that correctly.

While the notion of s'mores soup is most likely not making you bellow "yum," Nissin Foods and Cup Noodles said in a recent press release that in "combining two great classics, the original ramen maker presents the brand's campiest flavor yet — a gooey, sweet noodle experience available exclusively at Walmart."

"As enthusiasts seek new ways to get their s'mores fix beyond the great outdoors, we couldn't resist joining the campfire fun by transforming the classic flavor into a bold, unexpected experience that will capture the hearts and palates of consumers nationwide," said Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Nissin Foods USA, in a press release. 

The press release is light on details about the exact form of the product: Maybe plain noodles with graham cracker sauce, chocolate syrup and mini-marshmallows? While the initial thought might not be mouth-watering, the idea of dessert noodles with a sweet, rich sauce doesn't seem immediately off-putting. And who knows? Maybe those who are scoffing at the announcement will find themselves truly adoring the new, limited flavor. 


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