Dave Rubin and Tucker Carlson claim that Democrats are accusing their own voters of being racis

Fox News host and white nationalism denier Tucker Carlson pushed the spurious claim that Democratic voters are also racist Tuesday by selectively mashing up commentary from rival the network’s left-leaning rival MSNBC.

“They're turning to the African American electorate of the Democratic party and saying you're bigots,” Carlson said. 

Talk show host Dave Rubin joined Carlson to make the case that media pundits believe Democratic voters, including black voters, are racist for not supporting black presidential candidates.

“MSNBC is now putting up people to basically say, ‘Forget those Republicans, and conservatives and Trump supporters that are racist, we're the racists.’ Because in an hour from right now, there's going to be Democratic debate — I think it's on CNN — and guess what's going to happen? It's going to be all white people,” Rubin told Carlson. 

He added, “Thank God Elizabeth is 1/1,024 native American, or whatever it is. I don't know what happened to Andrew Yang. He should be in there, but his Asian-ness doesn't even count, right? Because Asian doesn't sort of fit into the intersectional calculator.”

Carlson responded by arguing, “If you want to be precise about it, they’re blaming black voters.” 

Rubin concluded, “Nobody cares what your skin color is. Nobody cares what your gender is, or even your sexuality or any of these things. If you're an American and you live by the laws of America, and you work hard and and you try to better your life and your family's life, that's what this whole thing is about.”

Earlier during the interview, Rubin cited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an example of someone who would not fit into the modern Democratic Party (King’s views on issues like economics were actually considerably to the left of the modern Democratic mainstream).

“Who is that guy that wanted his children not to be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character? That guy was kind of right,” Rubin said. “That guy, MLK Jr. obviously, he was a liberal, he was a liberal, but the Progressives have nothing to do with true liberalism. And there's a hilarity going on here because for years they've been screaming that all of us, anyone who is not a woke intersectional progressive, is a racist. But what was going to be at the end of the road of that? At the end of the road is exactly what's happening right now. They would have to turn it on themselves. And now they are turning it on themselves.”

Last year Carlson spoke with Salon about why he does not believe Americans should talk as much as they do about race.

“I would never make the case that racism doesn't exist, or it's not a factor. Of course it does and it is,” Carlson explained. “But in the end, our racial differences or sex differences are immutable differences that can't be fixed. They can't be changed. They're set at birth, so it's not only counterproductive, but in my opinion, it is an intentional diversion away from conversations about things that we could potentially change, like tax rates. Those could be changed today by an act of Congress, and they're not changed, because the rest of us are having these fundamentally fruitless conversations -- really at the direction of the people who are benefiting most from the status quo.”


Watch the video below:

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