25 songs with misunderstood meanings

Erik Van Rheenen, Scott Beggs - Mental Floss

The birth of the vampire myth

Stanley Stepanic - The Conversation

The brain has a "backup system"

Mary Elizabeth Williams

The truth behind my grandma's casserole

Kelly Vaughan - Food52

Enjoy our 24 best gluten-free recipes

Kelly Vaughan - Food52

Add flavor to roasted pumpkin seeds

Ashlie D. Stevens

We're not ready to let go of "Insecure"

Melanie McFarland

Ageism in health care harms seniors

Judith Graham - Kaiser Health News

McCain on "blood feud" with Trumps

Brett Bachman

Gory movies are... good for you?

Matthew Rozsa

Fox host: Jen Psaki "the best" WH spox

Brett Bachman

Higher education vs. white supremacy

Henry A. Giroux

SNL: Biden gets back rub from past self

John Wright - Raw Story

How "Succession" weaponizes womanhood

Kylie Cheung

The magical thinking of magicians

Mary Elizabeth Williams

Students can learn with their mouths

Alyssa Paparella - Massive Science

Netflix execs are the "Squid Game" VIPs

Kylie Cheung, Hanh Nguyen

There was a president before Trump

Matthew Rozsa

Did FB make special rules for Breitbart?

John Wright - Raw Story

FL surgeon general refuses to wear mask

Tom Boggioni - Raw Story

"Climate crisis" is now in dictionaries

Kate Yoder - Grist

Sex in trees

Abbigail Rosewood

Behind the "candy poisoning" myths

Ashlie D. Stevens

Baldwin shooting followed union walkoff

Julia Conley - Common Dreams

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