Christina Jewett

Male nurse doing routine checkup of senior patient in hospital room
A looming catastrophe: True toll of COVID-19 On U.S. health care workers remains unknown Christina Jewett
Coronavirus; Quarantine; Hospital
Internal emails reveal Trump administration officials warned about lack of protective gear early on Christina Jewett
Drug-Promotion-Court Case
FDA to end program that hid millions of reports on faulty medical devices Christina Jewett
Hidden FDA reports detail harm caused by scores of medical devices Christina Jewett
HealthBeat Kidney Transplants Hepatitis C
Despite red flags at surgery centers, overseers award gold seals Christina Jewett
Tornillo Tent Camp
Defendants in diapers? Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone Christina Jewett
Women in medicine shout #MeToo about sexual harassment at work Christina Jewett
Stock Market-Rocky Start
Target of Medicare insider trading case boasted he was "unstoppable at best" Christina Jewett
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