Erin Lyndal Martin

Tegan and Sara's call to arms: “The worst thing that could happen right now in the LGBT community is that we become apathetic” Erin Lyndal Martin
Andrew Bird gets confessional, at last: "I really wanted to make a less whimsical, more visceral, grab-you-in-the-gut kind of record" Erin Lyndal Martin
"I’m just weeping and weeping": Thao Nguyen on how Marilynne Robinson's "Gilead" set the tone for her new album Erin Lyndal Martin
Natalie Merchant sees right through the sexist music industry: "The patriarchy wants to dispose of women at a certain age" Erin Lyndal Martin
Josh Ritter preaches his "messianic oracular honky tonk": "I don’t feel a huge connection to religion, except as a large accumulation of confusing, confusing stories" Erin Lyndal Martin
Jason Isbell's dream to make a "ridiculous wanking guitar" album: "I have to be so damn tasteful all the time when I’m playing my own songs" Erin Lyndal Martin
"If you identify with a particular religion, you’re negating someone else’s": Laura Marling on identity, the art world and her new electric sound Erin Lyndal Martin
Zola Jesus: I hope my music helps people who are struggling with anxiety Erin Lyndal Martin
Neko Case on reproductive rights: "If we are going to jail, the men are coming too" Erin Lyndal Martin
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