Donald Trump has never seen a shrink

Did you stop following the loon after his election meltdown? Well, the Donald is back on Twitter. Look out, Cher!

By David Daley
Published November 21, 2012 5:07PM (EST)
Donald Trump           (Reuters/Keith Bedford)
Donald Trump (Reuters/Keith Bedford)

Since he called for "revolution" after President Obama's reelection, Donald Trump has seemed a little chastened on Twitter. His feed has become a dull litany of inspirational quotes from old generals and presidents, mixed with plugs for his hotels during the holidays and occasional concerns about the fiscal cliff and Paula Broadwell's marriage.

But if you've stopped following him, well, a little of the crazy is back. In recent days, Trump has picked fights with Cher, Rosie O'Donnell and Chelsea Handler, and even gone after the Red Cross. And sometimes he just randomly defends himself from all the people who are disgusted by him. Here's a taste:

Attacking Rosie:

[embedtweet id="270972240290516993"]

[embedtweet id="270972032756355072"]

Baiting the Huffington Post:

[embedtweet id="270645522711330816"]

Picking on Cher:

[embedtweet id="270587448944386048"]

[embedtweet id="268449053300383744"]

Bringing the crazy to Chelsea Handler:

[embedtweet id="270562640760303616"]

[embedtweet id="270562402985201665"]

Misleading people about the Red Cross:

[embedtweet id="270588403043672064"]

Watching MSNBC promos:

[embedtweet id="268385639626571776"]

Deluding himself:

[embedtweet id="270558656502837248"]

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