The new "GoPro vibrator" is, um, an interesting way to take selfies

A Chinese company's new camera-endowed sex toy lets women get up close and personal with themselves (NSFW)

Published July 11, 2014 2:28PM (EDT)

GoPros are all the rage, right? Well, what if there were another camera -- similar, in a way -- that also let you take up-close photos of nature's glory with other added benefits -- say, orgasms? It sounds great (or, at the very least, intriguing and a little weird) and a Chinese company is making the concept a reality. Now, for just $180, ladies can get acquainted with the Svakom Gaga, a deceptive new vibrator that contains a camera lens at the tip. Then they can get (better) acquainted with themselves.

You might be wondering: "Why would a woman want to take a photo inside her vagina? And, um, isn't it a little dark for pictures?" Well, the company notes several reasons customers might want the Gaga -- specifically, women's health, as well as increased sexual pleasure not only for the woman using it, but for her partner too. The toy allows women to share "the exclusive right of gynecologist" in caring for themselves, and also comes with wireless capabilities that allow users to share their photos with long-distance partners via a special wireless app. Naturally, just when it seemed like there might be one kind of selfie nobody would want to share online, Svakom made a special social network just for Gaga shots. It might well be considered the newest, most creative form of sexting.

As far as mechanics are concerned, the sex toy is just like any other waterproof, silicon gel vibrator, with the exception of the camera (of course) and a small light at the front end, for interior flash. The Gaga has multiple speeds with an easy method of switching between them and can be charged by plugging it into a USB charger. All in all, a pretty easy toy to use -- and definitely a novel one.

In case you're not sold yet, Svakom has released two promotional videos, one of which relies on some fun translated copy to convince viewers that "the world’s unique fun massager with electronic endoscope function" is something you should buy right now. The Gaga might combine all of our 21st-century intimacy and Internet anxieties into one little sex toy, but, according to the company, the vibrator will  "make you a better understanding and attention to your lover," and, I suppose, a more informed human being.

Watch the Gaga's promos below (NSFW):

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By Jenny Kutner

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