James O'Keefe is using his failed Washington Post sting to solicit donations

Despite being caught trying to trap a Washington Post reporter, O'Keefe claims Project Veritas got their story

Published November 28, 2017 2:36PM (EST)

James O'Keefe (Getty/Chip Somodevilla)
James O'Keefe (Getty/Chip Somodevilla)

James O'Keefe was caught attempting to trap the Washington Post into committing journalistic malpractice, but failing hasn't stopped him in the past, and it certainly didn't prevent him from spinning his most recent failure as a win and a way to grab more cash from his donors.

"This morning as I walked to Project Veritas’ office, I was ambushed by reporters and a camera crew from The Washington Post. What were they after?" wrote Project Veritas, the conservative muckraking organization founded by O'Keefe, in an email on Monday to its donors, the Washington Examiner reported.

The email continued, "Following months of undercover work within The Washington Post, our investigative journalist embedded within the publication had their cover blown."

O'Keefe also asked for donations in the email, "so our team can launch our latest series exposing another so-called pillar of the Establishment Media."

"The good news is . . . we already got our story," the email continued.

"Help us beat The Washington Post to the presses, by donating below," the Project Veritas webpage asking for donations read. The Washington Post reported on Monday that a woman told one of the newspaper's reporters that she had been impregnated by the Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. The woman, who said her name was Jamie T. Phillips, displayed notable inconsistencies in her story to the Post, which also found a GoFundMe donation page in her name.

The GoFundMe page, dated to May 2017, announced that Phillips was moving to New York “to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt [sic] of the liberal MSM," Salon previously reported.

O'Keefe has a well-documented history of attempting to bait and expose journalists or organizations such as Planned Parenthood, so it would be troubling to see him, or Project Veritas, receive legitimacy. Only a day after the Post published the story, the U.S. Attorney's office of Washington D.C. used undercover footage taken by Project Veritas in a case against protesters at President Donald Trump's inauguration who are currently facing felony rioting charges.        

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