This smart tracker gives you a complete fitness perspective

The Aura Band Smart Fitness Tracker keeps tabs on body composition as well as activity for a more complete picture

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Published February 2, 2019 2:30PM (EST)

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Fitness trackers have changed a lot since the introduction of the first FitBit in 2009. On top of keeping tabs on your heart rate, most designs also count steps and sync with mobile apps for a running record of your workouts. However, finding the motivation to keep going is tough if you’re not seeing visible results like weight loss or better muscle tone. The Aura Band Smart Fitness Tracker gives hard numbers on your body composition, showing you the internal benefits of exercise.

Aura Band uses state-of-the-art technology to break down your body fat percentage, hydration levels, and muscle and bone volume. If you wear it while you’re working out, the band will change colors to alert you when you need to work harder, or when you’ve lost one percent of body fat. Collecting this extra data shows how your health is improving even if you don’t physically see a difference.

This tracker also collects data on your sleep and stress levels for a 24-hour look at how your body is responding to your environment. Best of all, Aura Band offers monetary rewards every time you exercise. You’ll earn coins each time you meet a fitness goal, and you can trade those in for perks like attire, free health consultations and more.

The Aura Band Smart Fitness Tracker normally costs $179, but you can take a smarter approach to workout tracking right now for $149.99 (16% off).


Aura Band Smart Fitness Tracker - $149.99

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