Trump wants to settle scores and hit New York Times Best Sellers list with explosive memoir: report

"He said it would sell better than even 'The Art of the Deal,’” said a person who has heard Trump talking about it

By Travis Gettys

Published April 5, 2019 11:05AM (EDT)

 (Getty/Illustration by Salon)
(Getty/Illustration by Salon)

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President Donald Trump has been the subject of multiple tell-all books detailing the inner workings of his chaotic White House — and he can’t wait to publish one himself.

The president has been talking since at least the middle of 2017 — his first year in office — about settling scores and hitting the "New York Times" bestseller list with an explosive memoir of his own, reported The Daily Beast.

“He sounded excited about it,” said one person who has heard the president talking about writing a memoir. “He said it would sell better than even ‘The Art of the Deal.’”

A friend of the president said he has casually talked about seeking retribution through a tell-all book against his enemies in the media, the Democratic Party, disloyal Republicans, law enforcement and even members of his administration who have drawn his ire.

That friend says Trump has said at least once that one detail or another would “go great in a book,” and one White House officials said the president had privately “joked about” publishing a juicy book — and pointed out that he had publicly hinted about it.

“I think I’ll save it for a book like everybody else, and I’ll write it,” the president said during an October news conference, where he cryptically claimed to have details about sexual misconduct by lawmakers. “I’m not giving it to you.”

Past presidents have written books about their time in office, but major publishers indicated to The Daily Beast that a Trump memoir would present a number of problems.

Those New York-based companies are largely staffed by left-leaning employees who already gripe about publishing books by Trump-friendly authors, and the backlash to paying the president big money for a memoir could drive other authors away.

Publishing industry insiders also worry that Trump would be a nightmare to promote, because he would almost certainly step on any rollout of the book’s exclusive information.

“I don’t think he’d be able to keep his mouth shut to have the revelations land at the right moment,” one top publishing source told the website. “But I do think he’d be able to get his supporters to buy it as merchandise.”

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