"View” host Whoopi Goldberg slams VP's silence over fires at black churches: “Where is Mike Pence?”

Goldberg says the string of church fires is partially the result of a leadership void in top levels of government

By Travis Gettys

Published April 9, 2019 4:48PM (EDT)

 (The View)
(The View)

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“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg called out Vice President Mike Pence for his silence over a string of fires at predominantly black churches.

Arson is suspected in three fires that destroyed churches in Louisiana, as well as similar cases in Tennessee, and Goldberg said they’re partially the result of a leadership void in the top levels of government.

“You know what I want?” Goldberg said. “I want a one-issue candidate to come out and say, ‘Stop.’ I want all the candidates — left, right, center — I want everybody to just say, ‘Stop, we’re not accepting it.'”

“I want it to come from Washington, I want it to come from statehouses, I want it to come from all over this country,” she continued, “where people stand up and say, no more — we’re not doing it anymore, stop. That’s what I think.”

Co-host Joy Behar called on the famously religious vice president to speak up, and Goldberg agreed.

“Where is Mike Pence?” she said.

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