Alleged "pee tape" incident wasn't the only Trump "sex party" in Russia probed by Steele: report

The Steele dossier alleged that Trump hired prostitutes in Russia and had them urinate on the bed of his hotel room

Published December 10, 2019 10:28AM (EST)


This article originally appeared on Raw Story

Former British spy Christopher Steele reportedly investigated multiple alleged sex parties involving Donald Trump that took place in Russia.

His salacious dossier included the allegation that Trump had hired “a number of prostitutes to perform a ‘gold showers’ show in front of him” in the presidential suite of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow.

But that was not the only “sex party” involving Trump that was reportedly investigated.

“The 476-page Inspector General’s report on the Russia probe contains additional salacious information that ex British intelligence officer Christopher Steele obtained from his Russian source network – some of which never made it to the FBI,” the Daily Mail reported Monday. “The IG cites four Steele reports including ‘select highlights’ that Steele ‘did not furnish’ to the FBI.”

The British newspaper reported, “The IG includes another claim: “‘Report 113 (sources based in St. Petersburg reported that Trump has paid bribes and engaged in sexual activities in St. Petersburg, including participating in sex parties, but that witnesses had been ‘silenced,’ i.e., bribed or coerced to disappear).'”

By Bob Brigham

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