DOJ "preparing" to indict top Trump fundraiser in foreign corruption probe: report

The Washington Post reports Elliott Broidy is about to be indicted in scandal over corruption of U.S. government

Published September 1, 2020 6:39PM (EDT)

Elliott Broidy (YouTube)
Elliott Broidy (YouTube)

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Yet another Trump insider is about to be indicted, according to a new report in The Washington Post.

"Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy in connection with efforts to influence the U.S. government on behalf of foreign interests, according to people familiar with the matter, a result of a sprawling, years-long investigation that involved a figure who helped raise millions for Donald Trump's election and the Republican Party," the newspaper reported. "Broidy is under scrutiny for his alleged role in a campaign to persuade high-level Trump administration officials to drop an investigation of Malaysian government corruption, as well as for his attempt to push for the extradition of an outspoken Chinese dissident back to his home country, according to the people, who, like others interviewed for this report, spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe an ongoing investigation."

The newspaper reported Broidy is in negotiations with Bill Barr's Justice Department for a plea deal.

"The case has intensified in recent weeks, with prosecutors securing a guilty plea Monday from one of Broidy's business associates, Nickie Mali Lum Davis, who admitted to taking part in what prosecutors have described in charging documents as a 'back-channel lobbying campaign' to end the Malaysian corruption investigation and to return Chinese exile Guo Wengui to his home country," the newspaper reported. "According to a charging document filed in her case, Davis admitted she aided and abetted the efforts of two others involved in the influence campaigns, identified only as Person A and Person B. People familiar with the matter identified them as Fugees rapper Pras Michel and Broidy, respectively."

After Trump won the 2016 election and took over the Republican Party apparatus, Broidy was appointed deputy finance chairman of the RNC.

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