Marie Kondo takes her tidying ways to businesses in new "Sparking Joy" trailer

It's not just homes anymore; the KonMari method is applied to relationships, work and even Kondo's own life

Published August 16, 2021 8:03PM (EDT)

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo (Netflix)
Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo (Netflix)

A household name for her organizational skills, tidying guru Marie Kondo returns in a new Netflix series titled "Sparking Joy" that goes beyond our homes but reaches small businesses and surrounding lives as well. 

"I want to help people to find joy not just by tidying their homes but in every area of their lives," said Kondo in a trailer Netflix released Monday.

Premiering on August 31st, the three-episode series takes a sharp turn from Kondo's 2019 Netflix show "Tidying Up" where she guided families to clean up and minimize clutter in their homes. Instead, "Sparking Joy" widens this lens outward to focus on an "emotional tidy" of individuals' lives, managing and clearing the negative energy from relationships, home and work life. 

Each episode focuses on a different business that Kondo helps organize, yet she'll also use her method to help others achieve balance and joy in deeper aspects of their lives that can't be solved with a few hangers and trash bags. 

Just from the title alone, the new series also serves as Kondo's departure from the title of "tidy" that earned her immense fame and conversely, immense backlash. Her famed principle of throwing away what doesn't spark joy has often been misinterpreted by largely white and western critics in a culture driven by consumerism and capitalism. While it may be hard to let go of what we own, Kondo doesn't advocate throwing away whatever we have, but instead preaches holding onto what we find the most important and meaningful to ourselves. 

"Sparking Joy" is about what lies beneath, and also promises viewers a peek into Kondo's own family and daily life. 

"Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo" premieres Aug. 31 on Netflix.

By Julia Pedrozo Santiago

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