"Midnight Mass" and the 8 best horror movies and shows of 2021

Escape the horrors of our real world with these chilling offerings

Published December 30, 2021 8:00PM (EST)

Hamish Linklater in "Midnight Mass" (Netflix)
Hamish Linklater in "Midnight Mass" (Netflix)

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The year 2021 has given horror fans several new favorite horror movies and shows! Which thrillers and mysteries have landed in our top 8? Read on!

The TV and movie world is quickly recovering after a very bumpy 2020. Movie fans finally got to see highly anticipated movies premiere, and production for many shows on pause resumed early this year. Which show or movie have you been waiting for that you finally got to enjoy?

As much as I love a fun comedy-drama or action feature, I always love a good horror movie. Not only during the Halloween season, but throughout the year. Plus, let's be honest, just because a horror movie or series premieres around spooky season doesn't mean it's any good — I'm looking at you, "Halloween Kills." 

That said, we are remembering our favorite horror movies and shows of the year! Let's see if your favorite made the list.

The 8 best horror movies and shows of 2021

8. "Antlers"

"Antlers" premiered in theaters on Oct. 29 after being pushed back a couple of times. Even though it didn't meet my expectations (I blame the wait), I still really enjoyed this movie. The movie is still playing in a few select theaters, but it doesn't have a streaming release yet. Our sister site 1428 Elm believes the movie could be going to Hulu, but not until the year 2022.

7. "Candyman"

I know "Candyman" 2021 got a lot of hate from both critics and moviegoers, but hey, this is my list! I personally loved this movie. It was a nostalgic experience and kept me on the edge of my seat. The movie premiered on Aug. 27, you can stream it by renting or buying it online.

6. "Them"

"Them" premiered on April 9, so long before the Halloween season, which is just what horror fans needed to fill in the gaps. It's a bit predictable, but brilliantly acted and spooky enough to love. Watch it on Prime Video.

5. "Fear Street"

What do horror fans enjoy the most? Horror movies and shows that premiere over the summer! Is there anything better? The Fear Street trilogy kicked off on June 28, and what a ride and thrill it was! If you haven't seen these three movies, you are missing out. Watch them on Netflix.

4. "A Quiet Place Part II"

This is another film that was pushed back due to the pandemic and I'm glad it was moved instead of it being released on streaming. There is no better way to watch "A Quiet Place Part II" than on the big screen. Today, you can watch the movie on Paramount+.

3. "Chucky"

"Chucky" on Syfy (and the USA Network) truly surprised me! It's fun, thrilling, and features Chucky's iconic sarcastic humor. It's really enjoyable and fun to watch. Is it predictable and cliche? Sure! But that's also what we love about the possessed doll. Oh! And Tiffany truly makes the series; she's the cherry on top. The first season has concluded, but you can stream all episodes on Peacock.

2. "Army of the Dead"

"Army of the Dead" is another summer flick we all enjoyed. It premiered on May 21 on Netflix and provides thrills, action, and gore for days!

1. "Midnight Mass"

This is probably one of my favorite shows of the year. "Midnight Mass" scared me like few shows have, and I say this in the best way, of course! It's brilliantly acted and packs an emotional punch. There is plenty of symbolism and twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Watch it on Netflix.

By Sandy C.


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