Madonna sued for "pornography without warning" and for "deceptively" marketing her world tour

This is the second lawsuit leveled at the singer for her Celebration world tour

By Nardos Haile

Staff Writer

Published May 31, 2024 3:53PM (EDT)

Madonna performs during opening night of The Celebration Tour at The O2 Arena on October 14, 2023 in London, England. (Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Live Nation/Getty Images)
Madonna performs during opening night of The Celebration Tour at The O2 Arena on October 14, 2023 in London, England. (Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Live Nation/Getty Images)

Madonna's Celebration world tour is at the center of yet another controversy.

According to People Magazine, in a class action lawsuit filed on Thursday, the singer is being sued by a fan who said Madonna subjected concertgoers to watch "pornography without warning." They are alleging claims of negligent misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and false advertising.

Moreover, the lawsuit claimed that during Madonna's March 7 concert in Los Angeles, there were "topless women on stage simulating sex acts," while detailing a concertgoing experience that was "hot" and "uncomfortable" due to the lack of air conditioning. The fan alleged that Madonna ordered the air conditioning to be turned off, and as a result of no air conditioning, he says he became physically ill because of the heat, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Throughout her career, Madonna has cultivated a sex-positivite persona. Her shows have included erotic dancing, suggestive touching and lap dances that would include singers such as Maluma and Ricky Martin, People said. Alongside Madonna, the plaintiff also has also named the entertainment company, Live Nation, owner of Ticketmaster for luring concertgoers into purchasing  "expensive tickets" and “purposely and deceptively” concealing information about the singer's show not starting on time as it was marketed.

The complaint stated that the show was marketed to start at 8:30 p.m. but Madonna didn't take the stage until after 10 p.m. However, when the singer eventually appeared on stage, the lawsuit claimed she was lip-syncing even though the concertgoers had paid for a live experience and performance.

"Forcing consumers to wait hours in hot, uncomfortable arenas and subjecting them to pornography without warning is demonstrative of Madonna's flippant disrespect for her fans," the complaint said. Madonna and her legal team have not yet responded to multiple requests to comment.

Madonna's alleged tardiness is also the reason for a previous lawsuit filed against the singer in January. Two concertgoers at one of her New York tour dates accused the singer of "unconscionable, unfair, and/or deceptive trade practices" for beginning her show at 10:30 p.m. instead of the marketed time of 8:30 p.m. At the time, Madonna's representatives said the show's delay was due to technical difficulties.

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Last month, Madonna's attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, stating that "no reasonable concertgoer — and certainly no Madonna fan — would expect the headline act at a major arena concert to take the stage at the ticketed event time."

Madonna's alleged sexual performances and tardiness are not the only controversial moments during her Celebration tour. In March, the singer called out an audience member sitting down during her show. In a video recorded by a concertgoer, the singer was heard yelling from the stage, "What are you doing sitting down?" to suggest that audience members should be standing and or dancing. She realized her mistake when she looked at the audience member who was in a wheelchair.

The singer said on stage, “Oh, OK. Politically incorrect, sorry about that. I’m glad you’re here." However, Madonna's actions was met with backlash. Criticisms online stated that her comments were "pure ableism & glaring privilege."

By Nardos Haile

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