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Rand Paul: "American Jewry" may start voting Republican

Alec Baldwin will finally fulfill his dream of being Mayor of New York (sort of)

“It’s like a guided hallucination”: John Vaillant on making the switch from journalism to fiction

Alaska's had such a warm winter, the Iditarod was forced 225 miles north

A chilling new post-traumatic stress disorder: Why drone pilots are quitting in record numbers

Sen. Bob Menendez to be indicted on corruption charges: CNN report

Protest sexism with "Squirt Alert," the app where female ejaculation is the only goal

Two mummified bodies discovered in a glacier on Mexico's highest peak

Joe Biden has the perfect response to Ben Carson's comments on homosexuality and prisons

Clinton confidant Lanny Davis flips out on MSNBC over Hillary emails

Check out President Selina Meyer in the "Veep" season four trailer

How can you afford Park Slope? Run a feminist BDSM dungeon in your apartment

Wingnut begs people to stop buying Girl Scout cookies because they promote "future lesbians of America"

Anti-science advocates are freaking out about Google truth rankings

"It is a necessary evil in order to maintain the beautiful community": Dating site for beautiful people ousts 3,000 members for weight gain

Elizabeth Warren causes DC freakout: Why the liberal hero has elite Washington in hysterics

Surprise! Prince announces "surprise" U.S. tour

Joseph Stiglitz taught me how to date

"Religion is all magical thinking": Professional skeptic The Amazing Randi has a moral duty to debunk

"You have to engage with the Bible a little bit": Arcade Fire's Will Butler goes back to his roots for his first solo album

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"Do what we want in Afghanistan, or we'll have the Americans drone you": Our immoral drone war — and how the CIA gets used

9 senseless social panics that did lasting damage to America

America's "Ferguson" confusion: Why the problem has been completely misunderstood

Joe Henry: No one is waiting for my music

The Internet killed privacy: Our liberation, and our capture, are within the same tool

The month that killed the middle class: How October 1973 slammed America

"We are hostage to his fortune": Sheldon Adelson, Benjamin Netanyahu and America's dark money conspiracy

The myth destroying America: Why social mobility is beyond ordinary people's control

America has reached peak cow: Why it's time to reconsider the human-bovine partnership

Climate deniers and other pimped-out professional skeptics: The paranoid legacy of Nietzsche's "problem of science"

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What Hillary Clinton doesn't understand about transparency