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Lawyers preparing for abortion prosecutions sound the alarm on health care data privacy Eleanor Klibanoff
Most pregnancy-related criminalizations start in a simple way: with a report from a health care provider
07/26/2022 08:00 UTC
When mental illness leads to dropped charges, patients often go without stabilizing care Katheryn Houghton
Once free and lacking treatment, such patients sometimes end up being charged with additional crimes
08/03/2022 09:45 UTC
Patients and doctors trapped in a gray zone when abortion laws and emergency care mandate conflict Harris Meyer
Doctors in some states are put in impossible positions when women experience emergency pregnancy complications
08/08/2022 23:52 UTC
The Catholic church is dictating reproductive health care — even in blue states Mary Elizabeth Williams
This isn't just about abortion. This is about impact on the health and safety of pregnant patients
07/04/2022 23:30 UTC
In remote Ecuador, pandemic health care is stretched thin Kata Karath
Young health care workers are responsible for rural populations. They face supply shortages and more
06/14/2022 12:15 UTC
Sinema kills plan to codify abortion rights — then fundraises on protecting women’s health care Igor Derysh
Sinema won't back filibuster carveout to pass an abortion bill she is co-sponsoring
07/01/2022 13:24 UTC
Democrats face rage after Roe disaster: "It feels like they couldn't care less" Eoin Higgins
Many of those under threat from Roe decision are furious at "vote blue" messaging: "They're not going to fight"
06/27/2022 10:00 UTC
So, you’ve built a vegetable garden — here’s how to take care of it Kristin Guy
We made you a handy checklist (You're welcome!)
06/11/2022 17:30 UTC
Long wait for justice: People in jail face delays for mental health care before they can stand trial Andy Miller - Rebecca Grapevine
People in jail with serious mental illness are waiting months, or even more than a year, to start receiving care
06/12/2022 01:00 UTC
Gun violence is the health care crisis we're ignoring Mary Elizabeth Williams
Few medical schools train doctors on how to treat injuries stemming from gun violence
05/25/2022 21:53 UTC
Republicans don't care about kids — just imaginary children Amanda Marcotte
For all the talk about "groomers" and "pro-life," the GOP ignores — or exacerbates — threats against real children
05/25/2022 17:10 UTC
"Disturbing" GOP blitz: DeSantis orders trans care ban, Ohio GOP wants genital inspectors in school Igor Derysh
"It's unconstitutional," critics cry as Republicans ramp up attack on trans children
06/03/2022 13:25 UTC
Abortion opponents don't care if pregnant women get murdered Mary Elizabeth Williams
The top cause of maternal mortality is violence. Forcing women to carry to term will make it so much worse
05/30/2022 23:30 UTC
Ripple effects of abortion restrictions confuse care for miscarriages Charlotte Huff
In Texas, medical professionals face tough quandaries when treating patients who have a miscarriage
05/13/2022 12:15 UTC
How a quirk of the brain prevents us from caring about climate change Justin Gregg
A very human way of thinking is limiting our ability to stop the climate apocalypse. Some of us can overcome it
05/08/2022 18:00 UTC