Trump speaks of unity but speech divides

Despite a message of unity, the tone of the State of the Union address was more of the same old Trump.

Salon’s Alyona Minkovski, Amanda Marcotte and Andrew O’Hehir reacted to the tone and substance of Trump’s first State of the Union speech on “Salon Talks." “A huge chunk of it was dedicated to categorizing huge numbers of Americans as un-American,” Marcotte said. The President cited an example of gang violence to imply that the majority of undocumented immigrants are criminals. In addition, Trump took credit for recent economic success, but gave misleading information on wages and job growth, and made veiled threats to freedom of speech. “The degree to which there’s that termite erosion of the sense of the rule of law and constitutional guarantees of our rights and freedoms is very disturbing,” O’Hehir said.

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