The value of electing veterans

Amy McGrath served her country as one of the first female fighter pilots, flying 89 missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now she's looking to serve a "second service" by running for office in Kentucky's Sixth Congressional District as a Democrat. McGrath joined "Salon Talks" to discuss her campaign and what motivated her to jump into politics. She says the GOP is failing to think of constituents first.

"Republicans that don't take a stand against Trump when they know inside, they know what he's doing and what he says and what he tweets is just wrong and un-American, it's sad to me," McGrath said. Having more lawmakers in office with military service would make a difference in Washington, according to McGrath, because of the values and training instilled in the job. "We know how to work on a mission to get things done, even if we're from different areas or backgrounds." To hear more about McGrath's story and why she thinks she can beat Mitch McConnell's handpicked nominee, watch the video above. And check out the full interview.

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