Jerry O’Connell was convinced Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me” would never be released

On “Salon Talks,” actor Jerry O’Connell reveals why he never thought his breakout first role in Rob Reiner ’s classic “Stand By Me” would never make it to theaters or result in an acting career. “My father said, ‘Listen, don't tell anybody that you were in a movie because that movie will never come out. They make these movies all the time. It's an independent movie, trust me, it won't even be released, that's it,’” O’Connell explained to SalonTV’s Alli Joseph.

Turns out, the film jump started O’Connell’s career, and today, he jokes, he’s still remembered endearingly as Vern, or as O’Connell puts it “the fat kid in ‘Stand By Me’.” Watch the video above to hear more about the evolution of his career and more anecdotes from O’Connell’s childhood as a New York City Village kid in the 1980s. Currently, O’Connell is starring in the new WGN America series “Carter.” Watch the full interview to learn more about that role and the lessons he learned from his character, who is very self-involved and pretty vain.

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