How to avoid identity theft online

The VP of consumer protection for Experian says these are the most critical steps to keep your information secure.

According to Michael Bruemmer, vice president of consumer protection for credit reporting agency Experian, about 15.6 million people experienced identity theft in some form in 2016. In an interview with "Salon Now," Bruemmer said the problem has gotten much worse in recent years because more people are looking for convenience and are therefore shopping online. Additionally, because people are using multiple, interconnected devices, there is more opportunity for private information to be accessed.

Something that hasn't changed over the years, according to Bruemmer, is that people make careless mistakes. There are no guarantees of safety when you're shopping online, but Bruemmer says these are critical steps you can take to avoid being a victim of fraud. For his top three tips, watch the video above. For a more detailed breakdown, watch the video above.

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