Ban Iranians, but tweet "support"?

After more than a week of protests over economic stagnation and anti-government sentiment in cities across Iran, what should the United States and the international community do to help those fighting for human rights in the country?

Reza Marashi, the director of research for the National Iranian American council, said on “Salon Now” that “these are Iranian problems, these are Iranian protesters, and there will be only Iranian solutions.” Marashi stressed that “the international community should continue to express moral support, but unless Iranians inside of Iran, in a country of 80 million people ask for more than that, then it is irresponsible and frankly patronizing” to suggest other action.

President Trump has tweeted multiple times expressing his “support” and “respect” for the people of Iran, while calling the Iranian regime “brutal” and “corrupt.” Marashi says “it’s hard to take President Trump seriously on this issue” because Iranians are part of the administration’s travel ban. In addition, the President has not yet decided whether he will continue a waiver on economic sanctions against the country, which would impose hardship on the people he claims to support.

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