Why are food stamps under attack?

Can the federal government pull off a food delivery program that resembles Blue Apron? It might sound like a good idea, but the logistical and health issues that arise are plenty. President Trump's budget released in February includes a proposal for a program called "America's Harvest Box" that would nearly replace food stamps and instead deliver boxes of canned food and shelf-stable products like peanut butter.

Rachel West, director of poverty research at the Center for American Progress, joined "Salon Now" and pointed out that questions come up for how this life-saving assistance would serve families who are transient and families with food allergies. Ultimately, the plan takes away the freedom to choose what you eat for those on government programs. Kendra Tappin, who has utilized the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), shared the reasons why being able to go to the grocery store with her two daughters was important for their language skills and social development. To hear more about what Trump's Harvest Box is proposing, watch the video above.

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