Salon Talks: Angela Yee and Nadeska Alexis

The 2018 Grammy Award nominations are in, and hip-hop and R&B were recognized more than ever before in the Recording Academy’s four major categories, as well as did artists of color.

The Grammys has a long history of neglecting hip-hop and its stars. In response, rappers have boycotted the Grammys in various forms since they first included the genre in 1989, yet declined to televise the award.

Are the nominations enough this year to repair the Grammys relationship with hip-hop? “It’s a start,” Angela Yee, radio host of Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” told Salon’s Rachel Lea on “Salon Talks.” Both Yee and Nadeska Alexis, executive producer and moderator of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle,” are skeptical about whether the nominations are genuine.

“They don’t want to be irrelevant,” Yee said. Notably, Frank Ocean refused to submit his critically acclaimed album “Blond” last year and Drake declined to submit his latest album, as well.

Yee and Alexis also discussed rap and R&B’s great year, women in hip-hop and their picks for “Album of the Year.”

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