Will Trump's lies be his downfall?

Oscar-winning director Errol Morris speculates about a possible path to impeachment for President Donald Trump

Morris has a track record of scrutinizing some of America’s most venerated institutions, including the judicial system, the press and the military, in his work. His most recent project, the Netflix docuseries “Wormwood,” explores the mysterious death of a U.S. scientist entangled in a secret Cold War program. The director told “Salon Talks” why cover-ups have yet again become a “central feature of our democracy,” just as they were under the Nixon administration.

“Nixon didn't leave the presidency because he invaded Cambodia, that was OK! You know, you kill millions of people, that's OK! But you burglarize a couple of offices, and try to cover it up, that's not OK,” Morris said.

Morris brought up Nixon’s impeachment as an illustration of how a cover-up could be the final nail in Trump’s presidential coffin, too. “It'll be an attempt to hide material about possible collusion with the Russians, that may or not bring him down, it seems the most likely candidate.” Morris said. “It's always something else, which is so strange, why is that? Crime itself isn't enough; you have to cover up, or at least appear to be covering up, a crime in order to do yourself in.”

Watch the clip above to hear Errol Morris talk more about how cover-ups became a central feature of American democracy.

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